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Show off Your Budgeting Skills & Win Cool Prizes!

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The world is filled with Uncertainties. Businesses could be forced into closure & jobs could be lost – when a pandemic breaks out, People could find themselves replaced by machines and technology.


Wars could cause the price of living to go up unexpectedly. Everyday, we are faced with these challenges while trying to plan for our family’s needs.


If you have always wanted to learn how you could plan and organise your family’s spending and monthly expenses better, here is a Simple Way to start. ALL IT TAKES IS JUST 35 MINUTES! Imagine learning about ways to manage your money  and how to create a practical budget for your family… in just 3 Simple Steps! We have made it so Easy – It would just take you 35 Minutes to Learn How to start planning your budget!


Grand Prize:

Win an all expense paid trip to the Philippines, and be recognized as the Winner of the "Best Family" Award during the Maybank Financial Education Excellence Awards event held in Manila, Philippines.

*Contest period ends 16th August 2024. The Family Budgeting contest and the BEST FAMILY AWARD applies to families from Malaysia, Cambodia, the Philippines,Vietnam and Indonesia only.

Counting Money


Besides being able to teach your kids this useful skill and learning it yourself, we have made it MORE interesting for you to do so Now. 


From now until 16th August 2024, Maybank and Maybank Foundation is organizing a Family Budgeting contest that you could participate in. 

You could just win yourself some exciting shopping vouchers and an all expense paid trip to Manila, Philippines!

All you need to do is Register & Complete the Family Budgeting program and answer some simple questions... and you’ll be in the running to win the “BEST FAMILY AWARD” - awarded to the Best performing family during the Maybank Financial Education Excellence Awards!

Steps to Participate:


Visit our contest page HERE and click on the “Register Now!” button to Sign up for the contest


Enroll into our Online Family Budgeting program


Complete the Family budgeting program, and if shortlisted, answer a simple questionnaire to be in the running to WIN!


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